God's Place

God's Place

25 December 2011

Reading: 1 John 1-5

Merry Christmas, Friends! May Jesus be with you today, wherever you are!


Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts. (1 John 5:21 NLT)

John wrote in his letters to the churches about the centrality of love, and about the dangers of false Christs and anti-Christs. John wrote about sin and righteousness. John wrote about faith and unbelief. John wrote about loving God versus loving the world. It’s a letter full of contrasts. John spelled out some very specific ways we can know if we’re really on track. This is a very helpful letter to believers today, just as it was when John wrote it so long ago.

Today is Christmas Day. The past few Christmas seasons there has been so much argument in the USA about whether it’s alright to say “Merry Christmas!” or whether it is more politically correct and necessary to say “Happy Holidays!” For a while all the Christmas trees became Holiday trees. It’s important to speak up for what we believe about freedom to express faith in our increasingly pluralistic and secular society. After all, Christmas is about Christ!

However, considering all that, the real issue is our hearts. It’s not so much what’s in our society as what’s in our hearts. I must check to see if I’m allowing anything to creep in that may begin to take God’s place in my heart.

God’s place in my heart is: The one I submit to, the one I obey, the one I honor, the one I try to please above all others, the one I look to as source and supply, the one I worship. God’s place is always first and never second. Nothing or no-one else has the right to God’s Place—never ever! Lord Jesus Christ, I once again determine that you alone shall have first place in my heart!


Father, Today is the day we celebrate your gift of a Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord. Jesus is the only one who saves because he is the one who gave himself as a sacrifice for sin. He’s the only one I trust to save me. You’re the only one who has the right to occupy the God-place in my heart. I believe you, submit to you, and honor you as the Lord of MY heart today. Amen!

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