God's Friendship

God's Friendship

05 November 2009


In my early years, God’s friendship was felt in my home. (Job 29:4 NLT)

In this short chapter, Job describes his life as he remembers it – before all the trouble came. He uses the phrase, “God’s friendship was felt in my home” to describe the blessing and harmony of his home life. Then he goes on to talk about how he carried this sense of peace and grace into his interactions with the people of his community – how the friendship of God overflowed into Job’s care for the poor, his protection of the weak, and his wisdom for life’s decisions.

I’m thankful that the home God has allowed Jean and me to create is a place of peace, rest, harmony, and blessing. It’s my desire that our home be a place where guests feel safe and peaceful – in fact guests often comment on the peacefulness they feel when they spend time in our home. I want “God’s friendship to be felt in my home.”

But this morning I was thinking about how many of the people that I interact with each day don’t have the benefit of living in a home where God’s friendship is felt. And I thought that, like Job, perhaps I could carry the benefit of God’s friendship and some of the peacefulness and “safety” into my conversations and interactions outside my home.

What if each of us Christ-followers expressed the grace and peace of our “friendship with God” in our countenance, our conversations, our care for the weak and poor, and by sowing seeds of wisdom into the workplace, marketplace, and community? Shall we give it a try?


Father, I’m grateful for the peaceful home atmosphere you’ve allowed Jean and me to create. I know it’s because the friendship of God is felt in our home. Thank you for your gift of friendship and peace. May I never take it for granted. Now, as I go out into my community today, may I sow seeds of peace, of compassion, of service, and of wisdom. Amen.

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