God Speaks

God Speaks

20 February 2010

Today’s Reading: Numbers 7; Psalm 23; Acts 27


When Moses entered the Tent of Meeting to speak with God, he heard the Voice speaking to him from between the two angel-cherubim above the Atonement-Cover on the Chest of The Testimony. He spoke with him. (Numbers 7:89 MSG)

23 “Last night God’s angel stood at my side, an angel of this God I serve, 24 saying to me, ‘Don’t give up, Paul. You’re going to stand before Caesar yet—and everyone sailing with you is also going to make it.’ (Acts 27:23-24 MSG)

The church creates a meeting-place and organizes regular gatherings so the people can meet with God and hear from God. It’s our part of the equation to build the sanctuary and God’s part to meet with us and speak to hearing hearts.

Reality, however, is that most of life doesn’t happen while we’re sitting in padded chairs in a climate controlled environment, where everyone has politely turned off their cell phones. Sometimes life is happening in a small wooden ship in a great big sea in a seemingly never-ending storm.

In life’s most severe storms, it can be very hard to hear above the screaming voices (especially if the one of the screaming voices is my own!) but if I have a listening heart, God will stand at my side on the deck of a storm-tossed ship and speak the words I and those around me need to hear.

Be assured, child of God, that God’s angel stands at your side in both the sanctuary and the storm. Listen in the sanctuary silence and listen in the storm thunder for his word that gives faith for the journey. God will speak to your listening, trusting heart.


Father, Please speak to me in the sanctuary and the storm. Help me to enter the place of worship with a listening heart. Help me to stand in the storm with a listening heart. Help me to hear your voice for me and for those who are counting on me. Amen.

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