Getting Caught

Getting Caught

08 August 2009


Like a thief, Israel feels shame only when she gets caught. Kings, officials, priests, and prophets—all are alike in this. (Jeremiah 2:26 NLT)

When I read this verse today, I thought about “living from the heart.” It set me thinking about the difference between living legalistically (just keeping the rules) and living from the heart, where my actions are prompted by love for God and others. Little kids (and big kids) sometimes break the rules and then try to hide what they have done from Dad and Mom because they fear the discipline or punishment they will receive if they get caught.

One way I can tell if I’m living from the heart or just trying to stay out of trouble is if I try to keep what I’m thinking, saying, or doing a secret from other Christians. If I’m just trying to avoid “getting caught,” and if the only time I feel guilt is when someone finds out, then I’m not living from the heart.

Living from the heart means that I’m more concerned about keeping my relationship with my heavenly Father clear and open than concerned about not “getting caught” in some attitude or behavior that will make a bad impression with other Christians or get me in some kind of trouble.

Fear of getting caught or love for God and others – two very different motives. It’s a heart thing!


Father, it’s so easy to drift into the habit of living to make the proper impression on others and to win their approval and to avoid the shame of “getting caught” in something others disapprove. I again today affirm my determination to live from the heart and keep my heart clean and pure in your sight. Amen.

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