Family and Friends

Family and Friends

19 April 2009


3 Later David went to Mizpeh in Moab, where he asked the king, “Please allow my father and mother to live here with you until I know what God is going to do for me.” 4 So David’s parents stayed in Moab with the king during the entire time David was living in his stronghold. (1 Samuel 22:3-4 NLT)

When Saul began his “David Eradication Program” it soon became clear that not only David, but anyone remotely involved with him was at risk. Saul destroyed the entire city of the priests and slaughtered men, women, and children.

David needed a safe place for his aging parents. He went to the king of Moab and asked him to keep them safe “until I know what God is going to do for me.” This was a wise and natural move, because David’s father, Jesse, was the grandson of Ruth of Moab and Boaz of Bethlehem.

God’s been speaking to me very consistently about my relationships. The message for me today is “Friends and Family.” On the one hand, those close to us can suffer the consequences of our actions and situations. On the other hand family relationships and friendships are a source of security.

When Saul slaughtered the priests, David took the survivor Abiathar under his care. When David was at risk, the crown prince, his friend Jonathan tried to help him. When David’s family was at risk he went to a distant family member for help.

Never abandon a friend—either yours or your father’s. Then in your time of need, you won’t have to ask your relatives for assistance. It is better to go to a neighbor than to a relative who lives far away. (Proverbs 27:10 NLT)

Invest in building your relationships in the everydayness of life and they’ll be there to help when the roof falls in!


Father, help me to cultivate strong, healthy relationships both in my family and among my friends so that when things get tough, I can help them and they can help me. Amen.

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