Fair To Everyone

Fair To Everyone

04 May 2009


David reigned over all Israel and was fair to everyone. (2 Samuel 8:15 NLT)


After years of civil war between the northern tribes of Israel and the southern tribe of Judah, David united the nation under his leadership. David reigned over the united Kingdom and was fair to everyone, not just his fellow tribesmen from Judah.

David also sought out and found Jonathan’s surviving son Mephibosheth, and instead of executing him to remove any threat to his rule, gave him a place of honor in the palace – like one of the family.

The Message reads: Thus David ruled over all of Israel. He ruled well—fair and evenhanded in all his duties and relationships. (2 Samuel 8:15 The Message)

Saul had ruled by fear, threats, and intimidation. David built relationships of love, trust, and mutual respect.


It’s not always easy to be fair to everyone. There are pressures on parents, on teachers, on leaders at any level that make it hard not to show favoritism or give special “perks” to some and not others. It’s also easy to forget a promise or commitment like the one David had made to Jonathan and just let it slide.

As I fulfill the responsibilities of leadership in my family and my work, I want to build relationships of trust and respect and be fair and evenhanded, not showing favoritism and not pushing my own pet projects.


Father, I’m not a king of Israel, but I am leader of my family and I have influence beyond my family. I purpose to do what is just and right for all. I purpose to keep the promises I’ve made to others. Help me always put “fair” above expedience and relationships above results. Amen.

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