Expressions Of Power

Expressions Of Power

06 June 2009


Your throne, O God, endures forever and ever. Your royal power is expressed in justice. (Psalm 45:6 NLT)

This psalm was written to celebrate a king’s wedding. It is also prophetic about the coming Messiah for the Jews and the return of Christ for his bride, the church. Verse 6 literally arrested me this morning.

God’s power, invested in a position of authority, is expressed in justice. How do you and I, as representatives of God’s purpose and carrying his authority, use his power? I see people use power to accomplish their own purposes, to achieve their ambitions, to secure their positions, and to prosper themselves. But I see that God’s power is to be expressed in justice.

Every Christ-follower has spiritual gifts or empowering abilities, given by God’s Spirit for the common good. As I follow that thought, it seems that:
• Leadership Gift should be expressed in promoting justice and to create opportunities through which the variety of other gifts can be expressed creatively and effectively.
• A Mercy Gift should be expressed in rescuing from destruction and judgment those broken by their own sin or abused by others.
• An Encouragement Gift should find expression in creatively and proactively targeting the DIS-couraged with EN-couragement.
• A Giving Gift should find expression in the serious matter of evaluating needs and directing resources to the ones God most wants to meet.
• A Teaching Gift should be expressed like Ezra, who learned God’s ways, practiced them, then taught others how to live well.

Anyhow, I don’t want to rattle on about this. It’s just that it made me think about my own empowering gifts from God and how I’m using them to express God’s heart. How about you? What are your gifts? How are you using them? How could you be expressing God’s heart through your gifts if you decided to simply go for it?


Father, I know each of us is a King or Queen in some domain. Each of us has some position or influence. Each of us has gifts and abilities given and empowered by your Holy Spirit. Please continue to challenge us to take this seriously and to express your royal power in a difference-making way. Amen.

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