Examined Their Bread

Examined Their Bread

21 March 2009


So the Israelites examined their bread, but they did not consult the Lord. (Joshua 9:14 NLT)


In this story, the neighboring Gibeonites, who knew the Israeli policy of completely destroying the populations of nearby city states, pretended to be from a faraway land and proposed a treaty of peace. The Israeli leaders listened to their story, saw their worn clothing and gear, and examined the dry crusty bread in their packs, but didn’t pray and ask God what they should do. So they bought the story and made the treaty – an irrevocable treaty of peace and mutual protection in God’s name.


This really hits me where I live. When the pressure is on and a decision has to be made, I’m often quick to “examine the bread” but neglect “consulting the Lord.” However, just as God turned the Israeli misjudgment into victory, God often pulls my bacon out of the fire. But that’s not his highest and best plan. And there are always lasting consequences anyhow.

Today’s reading in 1 Corinthians 6:1-8 is about Christians who wrong one another or disagree over a business deal and then take the matter to court. Paul is disappointed that there is no one among them with enough Godly wisdom to help them sort it out. I want to be one among the believers with Godly wisdom that can help us make right choices.


Father, I see my need for prayer about all the decisions I face. I know it’s not “either-or”, but “both-and.” I must examine and evaluate but I must also consult you in prayer. Help me to do better at this. Amen.

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