Exactly As God Said

Exactly As God Said

21 June 2009


17 The king appointed his officer to control the traffic at the gate, but he was knocked down and trampled to death as the people rushed out. So everything happened exactly as the man of God had predicted when the king came to his house. 18 The man of God had said to the king, “By this time tomorrow in the markets of Samaria, five quarts of choice flour will cost one piece of silver, and ten quarts of barley grain will cost one piece of silver.” 19 The king’s officer had replied, “That couldn’t happen even if the Lord opened the windows of heaven!” And the man of God had said, “You will see it happen with your own eyes, but you won’t be able to eat any of it!” 20 And so it was, for the people trampled him to death at the gate! (2 Kings 7:17-20 NLT)

This story has always been interesting to me – the four lepers who found a fortune, the miraculous turn-around for Israel, and the unbelieving officer. The part about the officer who challenged God’s word must be important, because it is told three times. It’s told as Elisha gave the prophecy, it’s told as the events unfolded, and the chapter ends with a detailed retelling as if for emphasis.

God gave his word that a great blessing was coming. It came just as predicted. King Joram’s officer could have enjoyed his share of the blessing, but lost it all due to his unbelief. There must be an important lesson for me in this.

This past year I’ve added these verses to my Verses for Daily Reading: 22 For they did not believe God or trust him to care for them. 23 But he commanded the skies to open; he opened the doors of heaven. 32 In spite of this, the people kept sinning. Despite his wonders, they refused to trust him. 33 So he ended their lives in failure, their years in terror. (Psalm 78:22-23, 32-33 NLT) It’s about the loss God’s people suffered because they did not choose to believe and trust God.

I must pay careful attention to the promised blessings in God’s Word and especially to those things God says to me specifically. I don’t want to miss it!


Father, I know that it will happen exactly as you have said. I choose to believe you and trust you. Please help me not to doubt but to fully embrace your Word and your Words to me. I don’t want to miss anything you have purposed for me. Amen.

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