Deal With It

Deal With It

07 May 2009


21 When King David heard what had happened, he was very angry. 22 And though Absalom never spoke to Amnon about it, he hated Amnon deeply because of what he had done to his sister. (2 Samuel 13:21-22 NLT)


The spoiled heir-apparent to the throne Amnon raped his sister Tamar. Her birth-mother brother Absalom hated him for it and also began to lose respect for David because David didn’t deal with it. Two years later Absalom contrived to kill Amnon and then fled the country. Three years later Joab contrived to bring Absalom back to Jerusalem. David neither dealt with the crime nor restored Absalom to the family. Two years later, Absalom contrived to get Joab to bring him before the king in a semi-restoration meeting.

Two years. Three years. Two years. By then the damage was done. Seven years of not dealing with this matter and it had gained enough momentum that it had become unstoppable.

The tragedy was set in motion when David committed adultery with Bathsheba and killed Uriah. There were possible points of turning in this tragic story – David could have disciplined Amnon. It might have stopped there. David could have confronted and dealt with and then forgiven Absalom. It might have stopped there. David didn’t and thousands of innocent people eventually died in battle.


Don’t let things slide. Face and deal with uncomfortable issues. The consequences of not dealing with things will be more painful than the discomfort of taking care of it.


Father help me to deal with things before it’s too late. Face things. Forgive things. Fix things if possible. But not just let it slide. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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