07 April 2009


“In that case,” Eli said, “cheer up! May the God of Israel grant the request you have asked of him.” (1 Samuel 1:17 NLT)


Hannah was desperate. Her husband’s other wife (Other wife – now there’s a recipe for heartbreak!) had children and she did not. She poured out her sadness and desperation to the Lord in the Tabernacle during the family’s annual pilgrimage to Shiloh for the sacrifice and feast.

Old Eli the priest witnessed her emotional prayer and thought she was drunk. When she explained her desperation, Eli spoke a blessing to her, “May God grant your request.”

As she heard Eli’s blessing, faith rose in her heart and she thanked Eli, she thanked God, and her sadness was lifted. And God granted her request!

Here’s how I see this… Hannah prayed a desperate heart-prayer. God heard her prayer. Eli spoke a blessing out of his role as priest. The spoken word of blessing released simple faith in Hannah’s heart and she believed God had heard her prayer and would grant her request.


I believe that a spoken word of blessing, especially from someone in authority or relationship can comfort, can reassure, and can release faith in the heart of a desperate person.

Do you need to hear a spoken word of blessing today? Do you need to speak a word of blessing to someone today? Be sensitive to the opportunity to speak as blessing as simple as Eli’s words, “May God grant your request!”


Father, please give each person who reads this note an opportunity to speak a word of blessing to someone today. And for those who are desperately crying out to you, I speak these words, “May God grant your request!” Amen.

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