Big Black Birds

Big Black Birds

29 September 2009


Look at the ravens. They don’t need to plant or harvest or put food in barns because God feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than any birds! (Luke 12:24 NLT)

This little verse about big black birds is contained in Jesus’ Luke 12:22-34 discourse about trust, treasure, and generosity. This talk was not given to the crowd, but privately to his closest followers.

Jesus directed their attention to a couple of carrion-eating crows by the roadside and said, “I want you to notice how they live, free and unfettered. They don’t strive to fulfill a detailed job description but instead function freely and naturally, prompted by a program God himself designed into them. Any moment, in any situation, they do what they are designed by God to do, nothing more, nothing less. God designed them to be and to function that way, and God takes care of them. And you can be free to be and to function just the way God designed you if you’ll just relax and live from the inside out. And besides, God cares more for you than you realize!”

Let’s not oversimplify here. Jesus’ words must be applied in the context of real life. In a complex society, roles and responsibilities, jobs and job descriptions are realities we face. To be employed, to function in an organization, to be part of a team carries responsibility and creates expectations. The sad thing is if our personhood is progressively defined by what we are expected to do rather than our job description adjusting to who we are God-created to be.

That means that each individual is responsible to learn their God-designed self and take the risk to trust God to allow room for that person to develop. That means bosses are responsible to care as much about the person as the project.

Prayer – take a moment to pray this prayer with me today:

Father, I ask you to make me the person you designed me to be. I submit to your grace-work in my life. I want to be faithful in stewardship of the gifts you’ve trusted to me. I ask you to shape my job-description to your me-description so I live and work out of your design. And I trust you to take care of me and those for whom you’ve given me responsibility. Amen!

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