Best For Me

Best For Me

13 August 2011

Reading: Jeremiah 16-17; Psalm 96; John 16


5 “But now I am going away to the One who sent me, and not one of you is asking where I am going. 6 Instead, you are very sad. 7 But it is actually best for you that I go away, because if I don’t, the Counselor won’t come. If I do go away, he will come because I will send him to you. (John 16:5-7 NLT)

This is it! These are the final hours Jesus will be with these disciples and these are the last words Jesus will speak to his closest followers before his arrest, crucifixion, and death. And his resurrection! Things are about to change for them forever.

As Jesus begins to speak to them about the coming changes, they are sad, fearful, and uncertain. They want things to stay the way they are. Jesus explains to them that it is actually better for them if he goes away—if things change—because there is going to be more to life than they have ever experienced and it can only happen if Jesus goes away and sends the Holy Spirit.

Two thousand years later, I’m like these guys Jesus was talking to that night! When God begins to talk to me about changes taking place, I get concerned and anxious. Even though I know the changes are part of his plan and even though I know the results of the change will be best for me, to my doubtful mind, the imperfect known reality seems preferable to the unknown next situation, circumstance, or season.

I know that God’s will and his plan is the very best thing for me. I also know that I waste time, energy, and lose my joy when I try to figure it all out. What God has planned for me is best for me! What God has planned for you is best for you!

If you are facing change and uncertainty in your life, I invite you to pray this prayer with me…


Father, Today I reaffirm my trust in your love for me and my faith in your plan for me. I know that what you have purposed is best for me in ways I can never figure out ahead of time. I embrace your will for my life. I declare my confidence in your care for me. I trust you with my present, my future, and with all that matters to me! Amen.

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