Because God Will

Because God Will

09 January 2009



39 “ ‘But suppose I can’t find a young woman willing to come back with me?’ I asked him. 40 ‘You will,’ he told me, ‘for the Lord, in whose presence I have walked, will send his angel with you and will make your mission successful.. (Genesis 24:39-40 NLT)




This is a great story!  Abraham’s faith, his servant’s faith, Rebekah’s faith – it’s got it all!  The thing that really struck me this morning is how Abraham, after years of being a real honest man who believed God but still struggled with doubts and discouragement reached a point at which his faith was really solid.


His servant said, But what if I can’t find the wife for Isaac?”  Abraham simply replied in settled faith, “You will, because God will!”  Abraham was saying, “God has never failed me and he will never fail you!”




I want to be a man whose settled faith, tested through the years in hopes and fears, confidence and doubts, promises and fulfillments, can inspire enough faith in others so that they start the journey, begin the adventure.  After all, it only ever works for any of us because God is faithful!




Father, This chapter starts off by saying Abraham was a very old man by the time his faith started inspiring faith in others.  Help me to think and speak and act daily in ways that encourage others to begin the adventure of a life of faith.  Amen.

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