Awesome God

Awesome God

19 May 2009


This will be a magnificent Temple because our God is an awesome God, greater than any other. (2 Chronicles 2:5 NLT)

A couple of years ago I chose to reserve the use of the word “awesome” for God alone. In popular conversation in America we are using the word “awesome” to describe everything from a movie to an ice cream cone. I’m reserving it for God.

Solomon speaks of his sense of being awed and almost overwhelmed at the thought of building a Temple for God. He’s committed to the task, he’ll do it according to the plans his father gave him, and he’ll enlist the brightest and best in the project. But nevertheless he takes the task very seriously and wants to do it right.

Solomon’s perspective on this great project is that the Temple will be magnificent because God is awesome!

Here are some things I’m thinking about Solomon’s statement:

• The greatness of our Awesome God gives meaning, dignity, and even magnificence to the work that is done in his name and done for him.
• When we do work for God, the work deserves our best resources and our best effort.
• Any work we do skillfully and to the best of our ability becomes magnificent because we are doing it for a God who is truly awesome!

And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. (Colossians 3:17 ESV)


Father, I want to improve my skills and enlarge my heart so that every task, even the most mundane, takes on eternal meaning and significance. Help me to be faithful in the little things and the big things and to remember that everything I do for you and in your name has the potential of magnificence! Thanks for the privilege of serving you, Most Awesome God!

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