An Honest Heart

An Honest Heart

29 March 2009


Pay attention to my prayer, for it comes from an honest heart. (Psalm 17:1b NLT)

How many times do my prayers come out of a heart that is thinking, “How am I supposed to say this? What is the appropriate way to feel about what’s happening? How should I be thinking?” How much of my praying is “should do, should be” praying? How much of my preaching and teaching is “should do” teaching?

How much of my life as a Christ-follower and child of God is “should do, should be” living?

Because the leadership gift is not a strong gift in me, when I am in a leadership role I often have to think, “As a leader, what do I need to do now?” With those who lead out of a leadership gift, it comes naturally. They don’t have to think about leadership next steps because it’s a gift in them, but for me it requires constantly reminding myself to think about what I should do next.

When I’m involved in giving encouragement, conflict resolution, helping someone get a clear picture of a situation or set of issues so they can think and act wisely – when I’m in a creative discussion seeking solutions or next steps, and practical wisdom, I don’t strain at all. It’s my gift. It just flows out of an honest heart.

Too much working out of a role definition and living the Christian life in a “should do, should be” manner makes my relationship with God cease to be a Father-child relationship and become a taskmaster-slave relationship. My prayers cease to be honest, in-the-moment expressions of an honest heart and become unsatisfying attempts to pray what I should pray, feel what I should feel, and do what I should do.

This is my season to re-learn that God has not called me to do poorly a list of things I must constantly be reminded are the “should do” requirements of a role. This is my season to learn that God has called me to do well the things that flow out of an honest heart – things which, in the doing, bring joy to him and to me and bring blessing to others!


Father, When I watch Buddy the Dog run in the desert, I feel joy because I see him feeling the joy of doing what you created him to do. I am going to learn how to do what you have created me to do, to do it out of an honest heart, to do it with joy. I hope you enjoy watching me do what you created me to do as much as I enjoy watching Buddy run. Amen.

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