After A Long Time

After A Long Time

26 November 2009


After a long time their master returned from his trip and called them to give an account of how they had used his money. (Matthew 25:19 NLT)

In the story of the three stewards in Matthew 25:14-30, there are some things that I understand very clearly. God has entrusted to me a set of abilities (or potential that can be developed into abilities) and he has further entrusted to me opportunity that is proportionate to my ability. I also understand that God is holding me accountable for the investment, for the potential, and for the increase.

My problem is that my stewardship is long term and largely unsupervised and I have such a short attention span. Sometimes I remind myself of our old dog, Bo, who used to go through the house and tip over all the waste baskets when he thought we’d left him alone too long. When we got home he’d rush to the door to greet us, all bouncy and waggy and glad to see us until he remembered the waste baskets. Then he’d roll over on his back in abject remorse.

I’m like that. I’m thankful for the freedom, the trust and the responsibility I have in Christ. I don’t want law and legalism. But my problem is that I’ve got such a short attention span. I forget so quickly what I should be giving my energy and attention to.

I need accountability. I prefer an informal, loosely structured environment where I am both encouraged and held accountable by my fellow stewards. But however it’s structured, I need something to remind me what’s really important and what I should be doing about it.

I want to grow beyond the need for structures and rules just as the wheat outgrows the need for the chaff as it matures. But I’ll be thankful for whatever helps me become fruitful and productive.


Father, I’m undisciplined and I have a short attention span. My stewardship is long term and largely unsupervised. I don’t want to give you back a moldy bag containing an undeveloped or unwisely invested trust. Thank you for relationships and accountability that help me toward making the most of what you’ve entrusted to me. Please help me do my best with what I have. Amen.

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