Afraid To Ask

Afraid To Ask

26 September 2009


43 Awe gripped the people as they saw this display of God’s power. While everyone was marveling over all the wonderful things he was doing, Jesus said to his disciples, 44 “Listen to me and remember what I say. The Son of Man is going to be betrayed.” 45 But they didn’t know what he meant. Its significance was hidden from them, so they could not understand it, and they were afraid to ask him about it. (Luke 9:43-45 NLT)

At the height of Jesus’ popularity, with miracles occurring constantly, the crowds growing, and the ministry on a roll, Jesus spoke a serious and seemingly negative warning to his closest followers. Jesus said, “Listen to me and remember this!” It was evidently something important for them to know, to understand, and to keep in mind for the future. They didn’t understand and were afraid to ask.

Why were they afraid to ask? Possible reasons –
• He was unapproachable. (Not likely – “Allow the little children to come to me…”)
• The pace of activity was too busy for him to take time to explain important things. (Not likely – they had hours of slow walking on the road to talk and ask and discuss important matters.)
• They didn’t want to look stupid.
• They pretended to be more “spiritual and insightful” than they actually were.
• They didn’t realize how important it was.
• They were spiritually dull.
• They didn’t want their expectations challenged and changed.

When God is working at teaching me something important and I don’t know what he means or fully understand how to respond, am I afraid to ask?


Father, help me to be so passionate about your purpose that I will ask for clarification even if it makes me look stupid! Help me to be so committed to truth that I will receive the hard things as well as the pleasant things. I determine to learn and grow, to hear and understand. Please don’t give up on me! Amen.

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